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Typically, saws are associated with cutting wood and sometimes in the middle of your work you realize that this saw is not good enough or not suited well enough to cut through some other material. Instead of going through the hassle of purchasing a different saw for every material you might ever want to cut why not buy something that suits all your needs? The Universal 11 in 1 Hand Saw Kit offers just that. It comes with its own stylish case that can be closed and clasped shut with two locks so it doesn’t come open by itself. The case makes it easier to carry around this all in one saw with you that is suitable for cutting through all the usual materials you’d come across. Built with the finest materials, the body of this hand saw can be attached to different detachable blades, each suited to cutting a different kind of material. Apart from the blades and cutters, there is also a drill that can be attached to the main body to make it a hand drill. A special diamond blade is also included that can cut easily through ceramic, stone or even tile! A diamond sharpening blade also included can be used for sharpening knives, scissors, glass, etc. Compact and light weight, it is easy to carry around and to be used outdoors during leisure activities and during trips.


Its strong blades made from high-quality carbon steel are tough and rigid. They are also extremely durable. The multi purpose blades allow this hand saw to be used anywhere from house repairs to construction to handcrafting. The packaging includes:

  • 1 x Saw body

  • 5 x Saw blades (for general materials and wood)

  • 1 x Large wood saw blade

  • 2 x Glass saw blade

  • 2 x Tile drill (tile, concrete, stone, etc.)

  • 1 x screw


This all in one hand saw is extremely light and compact. Following are just some of the features that make it must buy for everyone.

Saw Body

The saw body is designed to fit in your hand and offer maximum functionality. Its design allows you to achieve more with less effort. All the different blades, as well as the drill parts, can be attached to this body according to the required needs of the user.


Saw Blades

The five saw blades are made from high-quality carbon steel and their strength allows them to cut through plastic, wood, bamboo, stainless steel, rubber, rope and even soft metal. You can perform clean cuts straight through the material as well as a cut in curves if you desire.

Flat Saw Blade

The large and flat saw blade cuts through wood easily but apart from that, it can also cut through PVC pipes.

Glass Blades

The two glass blades perform clean cuts right through the glass.


The two drills can be attached to the saw body making it a hand drill that can drill holes through tiles, stone and even concrete in no time.

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