Most Advanced Snorkeling Mask for Diving

The underwater is a world of its own and it is a thing to behold. If you’ve ever used a traditional snorkel for swimming or for exploration under the surface of the water you know just how uncomfortable they can be. A traditional snorkel requires you to hold it in your mouth and blow out the water with the force of your lungs when you get back to the surface. The advanced Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask offers the solution to all these problems and much more. It’s unique and eye-catching design makes it the perfect snorkeling mask for swimming and diving.


The innovative design of this advanced mask makes it easy and comfortable to use. Once you have adjusted it according to your face you don’t need to worry about the mask coming off. It will stay in place until you take it off yourself. Wear it for as long as you want without having to grip it within your mouth as you would with a traditional snorkeling device.


The mask has been designed bearing in mind all the shortcomings of a usual snorkel. The top of mask protruding out of the water is four times more likely to be seen from further away than a traditional snorkel so you don’t run the chance of getting into an accident with a boat or jet-ski. Its unique design keeps the water from leaking into the mask so your nose and mouth remain protected.

Breathe with Your Mouth and Nose

Anyone that has used a snorkel before knows that it only allows you to breathe through the mouth. This is hard to get used to and after constant breathing through the mouth the throat also gets dry. This snorkeling mask envelops the mouth and nose in such a way that you can breathe through your nose or your mouth, whichever you choose.


Snorkeling masks often get fogged up through breathing and the windows are either small or poorly designed offering you a limited vision of your surroundings. The dual air-flow technology of this advanced snorkeling mask ensures that it never gets fogged up. Its design promotes functionality by providing the wearer with 180 degrees of vision so you can fully enjoy the beauteous display of nature under the water.

Separate Drain for Water

While snorkeling when you go below the surface you block the tube in your mouth with your tongue and upon coming back up to the surface you must push it out of the tube with the force of your lungs by blowing into it. This mask, however, has a separate drain just for this purpose. Upon getting back to the surface the water gets drained instantly through the separate drain designed just for this purpose leaving the air tube free for breathing in.

Mount for GoPro

The mask comes with a mount installed on the top you can make use of to attach your GoPro on to so you can swim and record your fun experience at the same time.

It is available in different sizes as well as sizes for kids. Not recommended to be used for free diving or intensive swimming.


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