Pocket Drone in The Palm of Your Hand

Drones have hit the market by storm and are today available in different variations for different uses. Pocket drones are drones small enough to fit in your hand, your bag or even your pocket. These drones have a built-in camera that can be used for taking photographs or recording video. These pocket drones, however, are expensive and the lower priced ones don’t fly well at all. The Elfie Pocket Drone not only fits into your pocket but also fits into your budget. It is probably the cheapest selfie drone on the market offering excellent value for money. It is extremely light with foldable wings that fold right into the body allowing it to fit snugly into its pouch. Just fly this drone into the air and start taking perfect selfies and videos of yourself, or, point the camera whichever way you want to make it your own drone camera.

In the Box

The drone comes packaged with a velvet pouch for carrying, a USB battery charger, a spare set of propellers in case you need to change or replace them for some reason and a user manual. The battery comes pre-installed into the drone.

No Remote Required

What the packaging does not include however is a remote controller. This is because the Elfie Pocket Drone can be controlled right through your smartphone. Just install the app suggested by the manufacturer, connect your phone to the drone and you’re good to go. The app has a user-friendly interface offering a variety of options to control and take full advantage of your drone.

On Board Wi-Fi

On board, Wi-Fi is an interesting and useful feature of this drone. The Wi-Fi allows your phone to connect to the drone to control it. Once the phone is connected, real time footage from the drone is also transmitted right to your phone. If you allow access to the drone to your phone gallery and memory, then it will also store any videos or photos you take with it right to your phone.

Stable Flight

For its price and weight, you might expect the drone not to fly so well but it has almost all the functionalities of any expensive drone and flies extremely well. Videos recorded using its altitude hold mode show just how stable the drone really is making sure that the camera can record videos and take photos accurately.

G-Sensor Mode

Another useful feature is the G sensor mode. When activated, it allows you to control and fly your pocket drone making use of the accelerometer of your phone.


The camera can be tilted up or down and takes decent quality photos and videos. Operable for a range of up to 40 meters. It fits neatly into your pocket and has an excellent flight time of ten minutes. It also has bright LEDs at the front and a pair of red ones at the back. All in all, it is an excellent choice for its price, offering a perfect value for money.

$179.95 $88.95

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